Best of Backpacks 2023

A pack can make or break your time outside whether you are living out of it for days on end in the backcountry, counting on it to perform during a trail race, or just asking it to haul what you need for a few hours on the trail. Whatever your intended use, have a look at our top backpack picks for Spring/Summer 2023:

Woman walking outdoors with backpack

Mystery Ranch Coulee 20

The Coulee 20 features one of our favorite Mystery Ranch designs, a 3-zip entry that really lets you crack the pack open wide to get hands on whatever you need. Another signature Mystery Ranch feature is…

Hiker with lumbar pack

Mountainsmith Tour

The iconic Tour lumbar pack refuses to go out of style. In fact, we don’t think it could care less about style one way or the other. It’s been going about its business of providing a…

man outdoors with backpack

Deuter Vertrail 16

For every alpinist, hiker, and trail runner who starts heading for home when weather takes a turn for the worse, there are others who relish the opportunity to test themselves in the elements or at least…