More than a Name

Luke, Troy, Cheyne, Steven, Becky in studio

It’s a change more than two years in the making:  The outdoor gear retailer known as Backcountry Edge has become Enwild.

Our customers and fans have supported us since 2004, when Tim King shipped his first order out of his garage in a small Pennsylvania town. For fifteen years, we built a reputation among our customers by selling awesome gear and providing amazing service. By working diligently and fairly, and producing respected videos that showcase their best gear, we cultivated productive relationships with major brands in the outdoor recreation industry.

Over that time, Tim and his team also developed an idea that grew into Enwild.

In one sense, Enwild is the new name for a helpful, trusted outdoor equipment company. As we reveal this new name, we honor our humble beginnings. We proudly remain a modest, family-owned business and we’re still located in Pennsylvania’s Susquehanna Valley. Our focus continues to be high-quality hiking, camping, backpacking, and trail running gear.

Enwild, though, is more than a brand or a name. It’s a concept – an idea. It’s like the Nordic term friluftsliv (pronounced free-loofts-liv), which literally means ‘open-air living’. The word itself, however, is only a shade of a larger philosophy that motivates people to spend time outdoors for the beneficial and restorative effects on their physical, mental and spiritual health.

Many of us at Enwild recognize a kinship with this idea. We are hikers, campers, paddlers, trackers, cyclists and climbers as well as runners of trails short and long. We hike and we run and we roam not because these things are easy but because of the feeling that comes from connecting with the natural world.

Personally, each of us had long enjoyed this connection with the outdoors, this sense of wonder and undefinable enlightenment. We felt it in our bodies and our souls but we didn’t know how to define it.

We do now.

For us, enwild encompasses these feelings and speaks directly to why we’re committed to helping everyone get outside. By becoming Enwild, Inc., we can continue to do what we do so well while standing a little taller and laughing a little louder.

We encourage and equip people to hike, run and roam – no matter who they are or where their path leads.

We are Enwild.

Join Us! The Journey Begins Now . . .

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