UltrAspire Lumen 850 Duo Waist Light

Runner wearing UltrAspire Lumen waist light

Headlamps are great, really great, and you’ll rarely find us running without one. But headlamps can often create tunnel vision which can make navigating technical terrain tricky. Cue the USB-rechargeable Lumen 850 Duo Waist Light which casts brightness from a different angle, increasing your field of vision, and adding depth perception that can be lacking in even the brightest of headlamp beams. By combining the waist light and a headlamp, trail runners can really improve nighttime performance and up their pace in the process. And don’t let us pigeonhole this light either, it comes with a separate adjustable elastic band and mounting bracket that also allow it to convert to a headlamp.

Best Use: Running/Fitness

Price: $169.95


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