Topo Designs Dirt Jacket

Man and woman walking side by side

Do you ever feel like you’ve ended up with two different wardrobes: one for adventuring and the other for everyday life? We do. But the Dirt Jacket is one of those stereotype-defying pieces that refuses to be put in any specific box. It’s as ready for hiking as it is for hanging out. It’s made of a super durable, but also super comfortable stretch organic cotton. The garment-dyed fabric lands at a sweet not-too-light and not-too-heavy weight that makes it wearable in just about any season and, as comfy as it is, you may very well find yourself wearing it all year round. It has durability for the trail, but it also has utilitarian style and pocketing that makes it perfectly at home back in town too. Both the men’s and women’s versions have a straight fit with purposely overbuilt stitching. The women’s is cut a bit shorter at the hem.

Best Use: Hiking, Travel, and Casual


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