Primus Ulti Stove System 1.0L

Person holding Primus Ulti Stove
primus SWE

Not everyone ventures out into biting winds or truly challenging weather, but those who do need to know they’ve got a stove they can count on. The Ulti Stove System 1.0L is that stove and it has been rightfully lauded by our Gear Specialists and other experts for coming through in the clutch regardless of what Mother Nature throws at it. Its remote canister design and radiant “flameless” burner could care less if winds are howling or the clouds are spitting rain. This efficiency also makes it function in low temperatures that might render a lesser stove inoperable. And it’s lightweight and compact enough to appeal to backpackers even if they have no intention of being out in the worst of weather, but still appreciate the confidence the stove inspires even in milder conditions. The stove, hose system, and a fuel canister (sold separately) all nest neatly beneath the lid of the included hard-anodized aluminum cookpot.

Best Use: Backpacking and Mountaineering

Price: $279.95


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