Primus Moja

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The Moja is such a cool little stove. While we love a traditional two-burner camp stove, sometimes it’s just more than is needed for a solo camping trip. And, on other occasions, it is nice to have a third stove top when cooking multiple things or attending to a large group. The single burner Moja is perfect for either of those situations. It cranks out 10,200 BTUs and offers precise flame control which is key when you’re truly prepping a meal as opposed to just boiling water. The premium construction also stands out with a wood-trimmed handle and a stainless steel pot support and drip tray. When you’re done cooking, all the components clean up easily and then fold down compactly and carry conveniently. (Note that a propane canister is required for operation and is not available for purchase online.)

Best Use: Camping


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