Platypus Quickdraw 2L Filter System

Person filtering drinking water from a lake
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There are different variations of Quickdraw water treatment offerings from Platypus that serve as an efficient way to get safe drinking water, but we really love the 2L filter system for its balance of weight, packability, and versatility. The total system weighs less than 6 ounces and rolls up to truly pocket-sized dimensions. There are multiple ways to configure the combination of the “dirty” collection bag, the hollow fiber filter itself, and where you intend the fully filtered water to end up: a hard-sided bottle, a soft flask, a hydration system, or your mouth! We take ours on just about every adventure because, at that weight and packed size, why not?

Best Use: Backpacking and Hiking

Price: $74.95


Get ONE for your next adventure!


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