Mystery Ranch Radix 47

Person outdoors wearing a Mystery Ranch pack
Mystery Ranch

People are quick to give Mystery Ranch credit for their sturdy, heavy-hauling packs and deservedly so, but their designers cover a lot more ground than that. The Radix 47 is an awesome example of the highly versatile, lightweight packs that the brand also has to offer. Instead of the traditional burly fabric often associated with Mystery Ranch packs, the Radix utilizes ultra-lightweight, high-tenacity fabrics that have a really impressive strength-to-weight ratio. The packs come with an aluminum frame for effectively stabilizing weight, but that framing can be removed entirely if your preference is a more minimal, slimmed-down approach. Really traveling light and don’t have need for the pocketed waistbelt? Remove it entirely! An extendible collar and size adjustability add to the overall modularity of this do-it-all pack.

Best Use: Backpacking

Price: $248.95


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