MSR Hubba Hubba 2


With all the rewards it has garnered over the years, it is hard to remember a time before the Hubba Hubba. The beloved 2-person tent has always been uncompromising on its commitment to durability and livability and that hasn’t changed a bit with its latest iteration. It still offers ample space and holds up amazingly well to the wear-and-tear of backpacking trips, thru-hikes, and other excursions, but updated materials have reduced the minimum weight of the tent to less than 3 pounds! Those weight savings were achieved while still maintaining a two-door, two-vestibule design and retaining  built-in vents and “StayDry” rainfly gutters. So, while it’s hard to remember a time before the Hubba Hubba, it’s equally hard to imagine a future without it’s reliable 3-season performance.

Best Use: Backpacking and Camping


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