LEKI Cross Trail 3 TA

Leki Cross Trail 3 TA at Enwild.com

Sometimes it feels like every outdoor activity calls for a specific tool and without a full toolbox, you’re behind the curve. Take trekking poles as example and you will see specific models for hiking, for running, for cross-country skiing, you name it. LEKI’s new Cross Trail poles are built to be the only tool you need regardless of the season or the planned adventure. They come equipped with the same trigger straps as LEKI’s premium running poles, so you get an efficiency gain during ultras or long-distance runs, but you also get more robust cork grips and telescoping length adjustability which gives them versatility for backpacking and use as structural poles for trekking pole-pitched shelters. The extended length of the grips and the simple to operate external locking mechanisms are great for snowshoeing or winter use when gloved hands can otherwise struggle with dexterity.

Best Use: Backpacking, Hiking, and Running/Fitness


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