Deuter Aircontact Ultra 45+5 SL Women’s and Aircontact Ultra 50+5

Deuter Aircontact Ultra 50+5 and 45+5 SL
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We’re excited to see these new offerings from Deuter that are a sleeker, lighter weight take on some of their classic extended backpacking packs. Checking in well under 3 pounds, these are better suited for true ounce-counters, but particularly those who aren’t willing to completely sacrifice features or carrying comfort to hit a specific packed weight. These still have a nicely cushioned backpanel and a supportive spring steel frame and a legitimately supportive waistbelt but the fabrication and clean profile otherwise keep weight to a minimum. The height-adjustable lid adds extra storage while an expandable drawstring-closure collar beneath it allows you to leave the lid behind to save weight while still keeping contents safe and secure.

Best Use: Backpacking


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