Altra Running Lone Peak 7

Person running outdoors

In some ways, the Lone Peak 7 feels like a return to what we originally loved about this now legendary trail running shoe. After a number of minor design changes over the years, it is firmly planted again as a do-it-all balance of weight, durability, roominess, and trail responsiveness. Not to say that it took a step backwards. Not at all. The now seamless, stitchless upper has shed weight and goes even further toward reducing rubbing or blisters and an updated outsole is grippier than its predecessor so you can enjoy even more confident traction regardless of terrain or conditions. It’s an Altra shoe, so you’re getting a balanced platform that allows your forefoot and heel to settle into natural positions so they can do what they are so uniquely designed to do without any additional structural help and a flared FootShape design locks in the heel while allowing the rest of your foot the space it needs. Combine those features with a cushioned foam midsole and it’s easy to see why the Lone Peak is so beloved by trail runners and thru-hikers alike.

Best Use: Hiking and Running/Fitness


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