Steven L.

Director of Branding & Merchandising

What would you say your job is around here?

I help to choose the gear and apparel we carry and work on presenting it to our customers in the most informative manner possible.

What was your best outdoor experience?

I consider just about any time spent outdoors as “the best” but running across the entire island of Faial in the Azores and its 10 volcanoes was a standout.

Favorite local place to explore?

A short, steep section of wooded slope I affectionately call Molehill. I use it to train for other adventures, but mostly just to simply reset and study the changes of the seasons.

Factoids about yourself that others may not know

  • I had visited 49 of 50 states by the time I was 21…it took me another 21 years to finally get to Hawaii and to do so with my wife and kids was special.
  • I am the son of a preacher man.

Favorite quote or big idea?

Do glad.